Hi, I am Aasa Christine and I am a journalist and writer living in Norway.

My debut book about the Norwegian police came out in 2017. My second book, a true crime novel about a big, Norwegian criminal case, will be out in April of 2019. The case was about the murder of an 8-year old girl, which became part of the biggest police scandal in Norway in modern times.

For about 10 years I lived in the capital of Oslo working as a journalist at Reuters news agency. Before that, I was lucky enough to call France was her second home – first the south, then the ultimate Paradis Paris.

At Reuters news agency I worked both the Norwegian and later the international desk where I covered hard news, economic angles, finance, real estate and international Norway-related stories such as the Nobel Peace Prize, the Global Pension fund – the oil fund, big corporations´ strategy and moves around the world as well as markets such as shipping and fishery. After 10 years in the big city, I decided to move with my British husband to Bergen where we are now cuddle up between seven mountains and the fjords.

I work for the biggest niche paper on leadership in Norway, Ukeavisen Ledelse, as well as the very best and only documentary / long read magazine Plot doing storytelling journalism.

Feel free to contact me at any time!